Fabulous Ferrous Fracas (3F)

What is it?

Fabulous Ferrous Fracas is a fun and challenging match that uses only steel targets. The rules of the 3F are quite simple. There are five targets. You must shoot those five targets as fast as you can. You will do this 4 times and your slowest time will be removed.

When will these matches be?

Please see the schedule/results page for when we will be shooting the next 3F match.

How much does it cost?

3F will be $15 for non members and $10 for Taft Sportsmen's Club members.

What do I need to shoot 3F?

We plan on shooting five stages per match. You will need a pistol or revolver that shoots pistol caliber rounds or a pistol caliber carbine and a minimum of 20 rounds per stage. We recommend you bring 200 rounds to be safe and avoid earning a Did Not Finish (DNF) for the match. Bring a holster, mag pouches, and as many magazines/speed loaders as you have. The more magazines you have, the better.

What are the rules?

The match is simple. When a shooter puts their hands into the surrender position (hands above the shoulders), they are ready to shoot. The SO will say, "Shooter Ready, Stand by" and then the buzzer will sound. The shooter may shoot the 5 steel targets in any order, however, the designated stop plate must be shot last. When the stop plate is shot, the time is recorded while the shooter reloads if necessary (highly recommended) and raises their hands when ready to shoot the next string. Four strings will be shot and the worst score will be removed.

If the shooter shoots the stop plate before hitting all targets, they will be issued a 5 second penalty per plate missed.

Shooters will be penalized 5 seconds for "creeping" or moving their hands before the buzzer. A 5 second penalty will be scored when a shooter steps on the ground outside of the shooter's box (foot on top of the box is not outside of the box). Shooters will be assessed a 5 second penalty when shooting targets outside of designated boxes on multiple position stages. All other procedural penalties will incur a 5 second penalty like failure to move to the next box on multiple position stages.

The maximum time for a string is 30 seconds. If the shooter goes over 30 seconds, the SO will stop the shooter and tell them to prepare for the next string. If the stop plate is not hit, the shooter's score will be 30 seconds.

All Taft Sport Shooters' safety rules and reasons for disqualification will remain the same.

What do the stages look like?

The beauty of Fabulous Ferrous Fracas is the stages vary from match to match. Distances will vary from 10 to 30 yards. The only constant stage is the "hoser" stage where we have 5 of the large plates in a row, but even that varies slightly from match to match. You never know what you are going to find at the next 3F match.

What are the divisions and classfications?


Stock (SSP or Production)
Modified (ESP or Limited)
Classic (CDP or Single Stack)
Stock Revolver (SSR or No Compensators or Optics)
Open Revolver (ESR or Any Revolver)
Open (Any Handgun, No Restrictions)
Rimfire Rifle
Rimfire Handgun
Carbine Optics (Any Pistol Caliber Carbine)
Carbine Irons (Any Pistol Caliber Carbine)


Distinguished Master or Grand Master
Expert or A
Sharpshooter or B
Marksmen or C
Novice or D